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Bridging Communities


We are the Bay of Quinte:  surrounded by the waters of the Bay, of Lake Ontario, the Trent, Moira and Napanee Rivers, linked by our bridges. 

Join together in celebrating our diverse communities, when we cover the Upper Front Street Bridge in crochet.

Whether you are an individual, a group, a school class, together we can make it happen.

.Front Street Bridge


In 2020-21, thanks to art research grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Belleville, artist Emebet Belete and volunteers explored covering the Upper Front Street Bridge in crochet.  The inspiration came from Emebet's visit to Singapore's painted Alkaff Bridge, and her thoughts on what art form would most involve the community.


The Upper Front Street Bridge is the entryway to downtown Belleville.  As part of Belleville’s ongoing restoration of the downtown core, it is scheduled to be renovated. 


Bridging Communities will bring together students, community groups and individuals in creating thousands of crochet pieces that will cover the Upper Front Street Bridge after its renovation.


Crochet Circles

I remember learning crochet and sewing from my mother and my sister.  I love listening to the whirr of the sewing machine, as my daughter, back from University, creates clothes to return to school.  I love being part of crochet circles as we create and share ideas.

I’ve been running crochet workshops in schools.  Students are meeting weekly, sitting with friends in circles, crocheting together.  They tell stories of connecting with their parents and grandparents, who learned these skills as children. 

The rhythm, repetition, measuring and designing with crochet helps us to relieve stress, and brings back memories.

We have ongoing groups and workshops throughout our region.

Join us and reconnect with our community. 


Crochet Circles

Getting Involved

IMG_2911 cropped.JPG

Our goal is to involve the largest cross-section of our community possible in covering the Upper Front Street Bridge.

Getting involved could mean:


•  Crocheting a piece or more for the bridge

•  Joining the organizing committee

•  Teaching others to crochet

•  Helping distribute crocheting materials

•  Working with your group or organization to crochet pieces

•  Joining in with friends or partners to create a crochet group


Whether you are an individual, part of a group or service organization, a teacher, a school or a business, please send in your thoughts or questions on getting involved.


Thanks for submitting!

Get Involved
Community Partners

Community Partners

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