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January 25, 2018

Monochromatic colours: 


greens, purples,


orange, yellows,


January 19, 2018

Stirling grade 4's are enjoying the design process.  Many of the materials are things they've chosen to bring from home.  In mixed media everything works:  paper, yarn, fabric, buttons, CDs!

January 17, 2018

First day at Stirling Public School.  This is in one of the three grade 4 classes I'm working with.  We're preparing our fabric and buttons so that we can make our mixed media work.  First days are exciting.  I love working with students over several days as they get i...

January 12, 2018

It's January 11th, and we're putting up student works at Prince of Wales Public School.  We mounted wooden beams, and attached each canvas to the beams.  

We're covering the works until the opening day, February 1st, at 2:30.  For information about coming to t...

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